Ofgem release latest FIT figures

A total of 24,744 Feed-In Tariff installations have now been officially registered by Ofgem.

The latest report, released yesterday, shows a steady uptake of small scale renewable electricity generation. Between the launch of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) last April to December 31, 2010, a total of 18,464 installations had already taken place.

Solar PV has been shown to be the most popular technology choice under the FIT scheme, accounting for the majority of renewable installations at 93 per cent.

In its report Ofgem states: “The high share of photovoltaic installations remains consistent in all quarters.”

In all there have been 17,250 photovoltaic installations recorded to date.

The report also reveals that the percentage of PV installations has increased throughout the UK against other technologies such as wind and hydro. Areas with the largest MW capacity are the south east and west, London and the east of England. Scotland has the lowest capacity on record.

Feed-In Tariff updates are released by Ofgem on a quarterly basis.

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