British Gas Solar PV Panels and Photovoltaic Panels

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A renewable energy solution, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels from British Gas use energy from the sun to generate electricity. A solar PV system doesn’t require sunlight to produce electricity, only daylight, even during the winter months.

Solar PV could help to lower your bills by reducing the amount of electricity you need from your supplier. Not only can it help you to save money by generating your own electricity, you could also benefit from the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff, which would see you get paid for producing your own electricity.

How the British Gas solar PV system works

A solar PV system consists of cells of one or two layers made from a semi-conducting material like silicon. It works by:

  1. Shining light on the cell, to create an electric field across the layers, which causes a flow of electricity.
  2. The electricity flows through a cable and is collected at a central point, usually located in your roof space.
  3. Electricity is then converted from a direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC) and carries on into your home for you to use.

Any unused electricity generated will automatically be fed into the National Grid.

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Are solar PV panels suitable for your home?

The solar panels five-point check-list will help you find out if solar PV panels are suitable for your home. If you can say yes to all of these points, then your home may be suitable for a solar technology system:

  1. Your home already has a metered electricity supply.
  2. You own the freehold to your property.
  3. Your property is not a basement or mid-floor flat.
  4. Your property is not a listed building and it isn’t in a conservation area.
  5. You have an unshaded roof space facing between east and west through south.

What happens next?

A British Gas Energy Expert will visit your home, and will carry out a free myHome Energy Assessment to see if your home is suitable for solar PV panels. During their visit they will also suggest other ways to help you save money and energy, from installing loft insulation to cavity wall insulation.

A British Gas Energy Expert will recommend a system tailored to your individual specific needs. Prices will vary according to the panel size, type of PV cells and the surface they are mounted on.

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